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Grow Chillies from Seeds

Growing Chillies

Take a browse through some of our most popular articles on growing chillies.

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Chili Varieties

Chili Varieties

There are so many Chili Varieties. Check out some of my favorites below, including tips and tricks to growing and cooking them.

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Chili Product Reviews

Chili Product Reviews

Check out my Chili Product Reviews.

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About Me

Hello friends and a big welcome to Growing Chillies!

I have loved chillies and peppers for as long as I can remember and while some varieties still give me a bit of a hot shock and bring a tear to my eye, there is nothing more enchanting that the vibrant colors and smells from growing and using your own chillies.

Growing chillies is easy and fun and anybody can grow chillies with minimal effort to be enjoyed year round. Young kids to elderly people can grow chillies with minimal effort. Growing chillies does not require much time and you are able to harvest the fruit which makes them an ideal starting plant for your home vegetable garden.

Why Gardening at Home and Chili?

Nothing beats gardening at home in your very own vegetable patch. Whether that is in your actual garden or in pots, it couldn’t be easier to grow your very own.

While chillies thrive in warmer climates, they can just as easily grow in colder places also. It is totally up to you on the types of chilli plants you want to grow. You can grow chillies from seeds, get some chilli seedlings or even more mature chilli plants.

Growing chillies means that there is always fresh fruit available for your favorite spicy cooking dish and it’s always a nice gesture to give friends and family a few chilies.

Chillies can be grown from simply collecting the seeds from the chillies you would buy at the local supermarket or grocer. It is however recommended that you purchase chili seeds from a specialize store to maximize your results.

There are thousands of different types of chillies and choosing the right ones to grow for your climate and taste is essential. Be sure to check out all of the Chili Varieties and find the one that would be perfect for you.

There are so many Chili varieties that it would be difficult to list them all - but I will provide in-depth details on the most commonly used ones from around the world.

Love Chili but just want to get your hands on it already?

Great, be sure to read my expert Chili Product Reviews. I know Chili and if there is one thing that I love more than growing them, it is eating them. Check out the best chili product reviews which have been tried by me!