About Me

Hi Friends, I am Belle Pepper 🙂

Yes, just like the sweet capsicum, I love warm and sunny temperatures and being outdoors.

I have loved chillies and peppers for as long as I can remember and while some varieties still give me a bit of a hot shock, there is nothing more enchanting that the vibrant colors or smells from growing and using your own chillies brings.

Growing chillies is easy and fun and anybody can grow chillies with minimal effort to be enjoyed year round.

Chillies thrive in warmer climates but can grow in colder places also. I have friends in Northern Europe who grow them on their windowsill to get maximum warmth.

Growing chillies means that there is always fresh fruit available for your favorite spicy cooking dish and it’s always a nice gesture to give a friend a few chilies.

Chillies can be grown from simply collecting the seeds from the chillies you would buy at the local supermarket or grocer. it is however recommended that you purchase chili seeds from a specialize store to maximize your results.

There are thousands of different types of chillies and choosing the right ones to grow for your climate and taste is essential.

I hope you enjoy my website all about growing chillies and peppers.