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Chili Readers Reports

We love hearing from our readers on how their chili plants are going. Please feel free to contact us with your results, tips, and pictures and we will add to this page.


Vincent Thomas


Thanx for the reply. I live in Central Part of Kerala in INDIA. I am working in a Company. I am also interested in agriculture and recently I got attention in growing chilies, the climate being most suitable in Kerala between 20 -32 Degree Celcius for Chilli growing.
These small chilies are growing spontaneously as we had some plants from years. Just now I started giving attention and planted some seeds from my own chillies.I have about 15 medium plants with fruits. Now I have some 300 small seedlings which I am planning to plant around my house as I own some land. Here in my place at Kottayam these small chillies(KANTHARI MULAKU) we get good price from market as it is very useful to control Cholestrol and Hyper Tension. It is not available in bulk. About 100 Chillies weight will be only 50 grams. But we have to pay Rs.200-300 for one Kilogram.

In the next week I will give you some photos and more details.


  1. Vinil

    Hi we have contionous requirement for Bird Chillies ,approimately 100 KG in a week. Please contact if you are able to supply


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