Chili Varieties

There are so many Chili Varieties. Check out some of my favorites below, including tips and tricks to growing and cooking them.

  • Where to Buy Chili Willy Peppers
    Our site has had so much traffic from the Chili Willy Peppers, that we must do another post with some links to help you purchase some! Laugh away, it’s totally ok. It’s not hard to understand why, this unique chili is rude, crude and outright fantastic. Also known as Peters Peppers or Penis Peppers, the
  • Banana Peppers and How to Grow
    Banana peppers are a yellow pepper with waxy skin from the chili pepper family. It is thus named because its color and shape looks like the tropical fruit banana. Most of the time, the fruits it yield are deep yellow color when fully mature but they can also be red or orange color sometimes. There
  • Anaheim Peppers and How to Grow
    Anaheim peppers, also known as New Mexican chili, was first grown in Hatch Valley in New Mexico, California. It is a mild type of chili pepper that scores in between 500 – 2,500 in the Scoville heat rating. The thick walled pepper can add both sweet and spicy taste to your dishes. It is a
  • Naga Viper One of the Hottest Chili Peppers in the World
    The Naga Viper is considered as one of the hottest chili peppers out there. In fact, it takes the fifth place on the scale, according to an official Scoville measurement. Eating this chili pepper is quite demanding and can be a real challenge for the big majority of consumers. Those who have tried this hot
  • Mild Chili Plants – Growing Bell Peppers
    The most common pepper species is the bell pepper named appropriately from the physical shape of the fruit. In British English, the fruit is simply referred to as a “pepper”, or additionally by colour eg. Green pepper. In many Commonwealth Nations, such as Australia, India, Malaysia and New Zealand, they are called “capsicums”. Another name
  • Cherry Chili – What are they?
    The Cherry Pepper also known as the Cherry Chili, chili tomato, or Hungarian cherry pepper is a fantastic chili to grow. This mild to hot pepper is commercially grown in the USA, Europe and Mexixo. The Cherry Pepper has been documented as far back as 1543. The peppers produced by these plants are small and
  • Easy to Grow Trinidad Scorpion Pepper
    When it comes to the world’s hottest pepper that can give you goose bumps and turn you red, nothing can beat Trinidad Scorpion pepper (also called the Trinidad Moruga scorpion pepper). This exceptionally hot chili pepper is especially grown in Australia and is a Capsicum Chinese cultivar. The Trinidad scorpion pepper is one of the
  • Easy to Grow Chili – Birds Eye Chili
    For any beginner starting out growing chilis i would definitely recommend the Birds Eye Chili. Birds eye chillies originated in South East Asia. Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. Now this popular chili is found all over the world. They may appear small but they pack a burning punch and can