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Grow Chillies Cherry Chili

The Cherry Pepper also known as a chili tomato, or Hungarian cherry pepper is a fantastic chili to grow. This mild to hot pepper is commercially grown in the USA, Euproe and Mexixo. The Cherry Pepper has been documented as far back as 1543.

The peppers produced by these plants are small and round, they resemble a cherry tomato. Peppers range from mild to hot and register 5000-8000 scoville scale units. The cherry peppers grow a dark green colour and as they ripen they will change to a very vibrant red. Truly a spectacular plant to have.

The chilli tomato is commonly used in Asian, Southwestern, Mediterranean, Portuguese, African and Mexican cuisine because of the size and shape. This chilli is a great garnish and really puts some colour into food especially salads. These chilies are also great for stuffing or picking because of the thick fruit walls and round shape. Due to the thick walls this chilli cannot be dried.

As with most chili’s this plant enjoys hot climates, well drained soil and generous amounts of water. Maturity takes approximately 120 days. These plants can mature and fruit at a small size so they are great for a small bench or windowsill.

We have a Chilli tomato plant in our inner city apartment and we get one full ripe fruit each week from the plant. We bought it at a mature age at a local hardware store for $6AU and it only stands 40cm tall. We would highly recommend the cherry pepper to anyone wanting a small but very colorful chili tree.

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  2. Glynn

    Hi there

    You mentioned you could not find cherry peppers anywhere.

    If you live in Aus, I know where they often have them. I can also send you some seeds if need be (I have about 50 dried ones that passed the water test).

    Can you give me an idea of how many cherry chillis easch plant will produce?

    Also could you tell me about the flavours of chillis (not the heat, I know that), I’m interested in the different flavours that different chillis give off, (Cayenne seems peppery, cherry chillis sweet- that sought of thing).

    Many thanks. Great site.

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