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Growing chillies is easy and fun. Young kids to elderly people can grow chillies with minimal effort. Growing chillies does not require much time to mature and you are able to harvest the fruit which makes them a ideal starting plant for your home garden.

Chillies thrive in warmer climates but can grow in colder places also. I have friends in North Europe who grow them on their windowsill to get maximum warmth.

Growing Chillies

Growing chillies means that there is always fresh fruit available for your favorite spicy cooking dish and it’s always a nice gesture to give a friend a few chilies.

Chillies can be grown from simply collecting the seeds from the chillies you would buy at the local supermarket or grocer. it is however recommended that you purchase chili seeds from a specialize store to maximize your results.

There are thousands of different types of chillies and choosing the right ones to grow for your climate and taste is essential.

Chili plants don’t take up much space and can be grown in a pot or in the garden. You can grow them if you live in apartments. We currently have 3 chili pots and our balcony is no bigger then the average family car.

Things to look out for when growing chillies is that the stems are quite thin and sometimes fragile, sometimes you need to aid them with a support stick or something to lean against. Humans are not the only creatures that want to consume chillies. Grubs and other insects like to feed on the leaves and must be dealt with accordingly.

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