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Growing Chillies – Soil Tips

Although chillies can be grown in many varieties of soil we have compiled some of the best soil methods to get your chilli plants ground and fruiting consistently.

Growing Chillies in a pot lets you build and maintain the optimal soil conditions. When is the last time you have seen chillies grown in swamps…NEVER!! Chillies plants are quite fragile and need good draining soil. The top layer of the soil should be a light but moisture holding mulch. Topping up the mulch every 4 weeks or so will keep the nutrition running through the chillies roots.



To Grow Chilli choose a soil or mulch that is higher in potassium. Chilli plants fruit better when potassium is slowly feeding through the roots and plant. Try to avoid nitrogen as the plants will grow soft leaves and minimal fruit will be produced.

If you really want to make your chillies thrive and fruit well as soon as the plants start growing little flowers place some premium organic soil or fertiliser on top of the pot. If you’re on a budget any multipurpose compost is will help out.

Remember that Growing Chillies requires regular watering, once a day they must be watered to keep the soil moist and the roots nourished. And don’t forget Growing Chillies in sunlight will keep them at optimal health.

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  1. Cate Ferguson

    Love this post, I live in a cool climate so I need all the help I can get to keep my plants happy – last year they were quite happy in a pot on the front verandah… until the chooks found them. Sigh – kept them alive over winter so we’ll see how we go this year with all your great advice.

  2. Jeff s

    Hope you can help me! I have several pequin plants i grew from seeds picked out of chilis. They have grown into large, attractive potted plants. They began producing buds towards the end of the season, but the buds dropped off while still very tiny. I though it might be temperature, since it started getting cold. But a broken branch stuck in a glass of water started producing a prousion of flowers. So I’m guessing its the soil. Should I add more potassium or something to change the balance?

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