Growing Chillies

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How to Make Mulch for Chilies

Mulching is usually an easy and simple process that prevents weed growth. Healthy chili gardens always preserve more water during hot days and also have

Wilting Chili Plants

If you notice wilting chili plants, you should pay attention as something is wrong! Sometimes, chili plants wilt because they’re baking in the hot, hot

Anatomy of a Chili Pepper

Chili is derived from the term chil given by the Arawak Indians who were the ones that first cultivated it. When Columbus first discovered the

Growing Chili – Bugs and Pests

So, you’ve bought (or saved) your Chili seeds, carefully planted them and provided the optimum growing chili conditions. However danger lurks in every corner of

Soil For Chilli Plants

Although chillies can be grown in many varieties of soil and we have compiled some of the best soil for chilli plants to get your

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Growing chillies is easy and fun. Young kids to elderly people can grow chillies with minimal effort. Growing chillies does not require much time to