How to Grow Chillies from Seeds

One of the best ways to Grow Chilli is by starting from seeds. Seeds can be obtained from the chillies that you used in your kitchen (this is how our Bird’s eye chili plant got started) or you can buy seeds from local store, plant specialist, department store or right here on the internet. It is recommended you purchase chili seeds from a store as you can then select the type that suits you best.

Grow Chillies from Seeds

Each packet might suggest different things for how to germinate the seeds but here is a method we have been using to grow chillies from seeds ourselves with great success.

Prepare a container that will be the seeds home for the next few weeks. Germination times vary between each chili from 2 weeks onwards. The container can be something like a ice cream container or Chinese container.

Something 2-3cm deep and big enough to hold one to two dozen seeds. The container should have light well mulched soil so that the young plants can grow easily in. Soil should be able to drain water well.

Preparing the chili seeds is a vital part. For best results we have been soaking our chili seeds in some water for a few hours before planting them. This helps to soften the seeds and lets the small plant break out of the seed quicker.

After the seeds are soaked the next step to growing chillies is to place the seeds in some paper toweling and sit them on a shallow plate. Water well and sit in a warm place. After a few days the seeds will have small shoots coming out of them. This is the beginning of the plants life.

Carefully remove all seeds from the paper toweling and place them into the soil filled container. We like to place them about 1cm into the soil. Make the hole with your finger and lightly cover the hole back up with soil.

Ensure that the small plants are put into sunlight as they will need it to grow. Watering daily is essential to keep the soil moist. After a week or so you should notice the chillies emerging from the soil and sprouting. Continue watering daily until chillies are 4-5cm tall.

The next step is to re-pot the young plants. Come back and visit the Growing Chillies website for more tips, tricks and information about how to grow chilli.

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