Easy to Grow Chili – Birds Eye Chilis

For any beginner starting out growing chilis i would defiantly recommend the Birds Eye Chili.


Birds eye chillies originated in South East Asia. Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. Now this popular chili is found all over the world. They may appear small but they pack a burning punch and can contain between 50,000-100,000 Scoville Units, almost as hot as a Habanero.

Some sources state that the name birds eye comes from these chili bushes being started by birds picking and dropping the chilis. Birds don’t feel any effects from chilli oil therefor they don’t get the burning sensation humans do.

Birds Eye chillies are one of the easiest species to grow and maintain. They are a thick bush with lightweight fruit and are very forgiving. They can grow in sandy soil conditions to rich soil conditions. As with every other chillie they enjoy humid climates and moisture.

These chillies can withstand cold climates too even down to -20deg C. They will loose all their leaves but when spring comes they will re-shoot and fruit. Birds Eye bushes will mature and fruit very quickly, it takes about between 90-120 days and the bushes are known to last several years.

Characteristics of the Birds Eye Chillie plant

My birds eye bush

Plant height up to 2meters
Stem color Green
Leaf color Green
Leaf size 3-8cm by 2-4cm
Fruit color at maturity green, orange and red
Fruit shape conical
Fruit length 2–3 cm
Fruit width at shoulder .5 cm
Fruit weight 2-3 grams
Fruit surface smooth
Seed color Light tan
Seeds per chillie 10-20

Birds eyes are used mostly for cooking but they can also be used as a natural insect repellent or pesticide when mixed with water.

I live in a inner city apartment building and have 1 birds eye chillie in a pot.

It is only 3 months old and i harvest about a dozen chillies a week. I water it once a day and make sure it gets lots of morning sunshine. I’m very proud on my plant.

Would love to see other readers birds eye chili bushes and story’s. Drop us a line if you have one.

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  • Vinu:

    i live in central part of kerala and cultivated lot of Birds eye chilli, which is known as KAnthari Mulaku in Kerala. Easy to grow and tasty. It is good for controlling Cholestrol and Hyper Tension. For any information contact me in vincentpamp@yahoo.com

    • Eugene Gundona:

      Hi am from Ahana west Africa i will be be greaful please let me know the birds eye cilli can control hypertension.

  • Scot:

    We started growing some bird’s eye seeds about 3 or 4 months ago and we have a brilliant grouping of tall plants now, about a week ago they began to flower with little white flowers, though so far no sign of any fruit have appeared at any of the flowered nodes. Do Bird’s Eye plant come in male and female varieties? Will a sterile plant still flower? Can I pollinate it somehow? We have about 12 stalks all between 1-1.5 meters tall, they get plenty of light and plenty of water.
    Anyone, any ideas?
    please reply to my email punkassphd@gmail.com

  • HI I had some of the birds eye in my garden but sold the premises. the new owner remove every thing. will it be possible to bay some seed from you


  • HI I had some of the birds eye in my garden but sold the premises. the new owner remove every thing. will it be possible to buy some seed from you


  • A bit of a correction. This pepper was brought to Asia by the Portugeese and Spanish from the Mexico, South American region. I particularly like the flavor.

  • Eugene Gundona:

    Hi am from Ahana west Africa i will be be greaful if you could please let me knowt how he birds eye cilli can controll hypertension and chlestrol.

  • Vinu:

    If anyone from India requires green and white birds eye chilli seeds(heirloom), contact in mail id: greenlandagrotraders@gmail.com specifying your rquirement. Other vegetable seeds like Yard long beans(HYBRID), okra/Bhindi(OP and HYBRID), green brinjal(OP), Violet brinjal(HYBRID), tomato(HYBRID),Cabbage (HYBRID), Cauliflower(HYBRID), Cucumber (OP and HYBRID), Bottle Gourd(HYBRID),Chilly(HYBRID) Pumpkin(HYBRID), Snake Gourd(HYBRID), Coriander(OP) and flower seeds like marigold, vinca, celosia, ornamental chilly etc. also available.

    • mampadan:

      Hi, Mr.Vinu;

      can u supply birds eye chillie white green and red about 300kg per week?
      If so pls contact me with ur quotation.



      • Ann:

        Hi Moideen,

        I am in Kenya, Africa and grow organic birds eye chilies for export.please let me know if you still need more supply.

        My email is Ann@startingover.co.ke


      • Eddie Opata:

        I’m from Ghana, West Africa and have Birds Eye Chili Pepper farm that can supply 100kilos of pepper a week.
        The pepper is green and quotations will be provided after the destination is known.
        Eddie Opata
        (233)20 811 0595

      • Lovejoy:


        I am a young farmer in Zimbabwe.
        I am growing birds eye chillie on a commercial level, I currently have 5 hctrs staggered.

        I am looking for a market for export market for fresh and dried.


      • Grayson:

        Mr. Moideen
        Are you still interested in buying birds eye chillies. I can supply you over 300kg a week constantly. Please email me privately at nabanda64@yahoo.com. thanks.

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  • ameer:

    mr. moideen,
    im from kerala and can plant and supply you your required quantity of birds eye chillies provided you can take up my supply regularly. kindly let me know from where you are. plz mail me ameerariff@gmail.com

  • Cecilia:


    I have a birdseye chilli bush whose leaves are going very yellow. I live in Brisbane, Qld, Australia. What should I do?

  • Venkat Krishna:


    Good effort.But the thing is, that seeds of bird eye peppers are very difficult to make them germinate easily and they have great taste.Also you can make chetney with tender peppers with young leaves an shoots which is good for joint pains.

    TKS VK

  • Thomas C. Holt:

    I use to have a “bird’s eye chili” plant in Houston, Tx and loved it. It died and I have yet found a replacement chili pepper that was as good as the Birds Eye Chili plant. Do you have seeds that I can purchase?

  • nick:

    I would like to have a training manual for planting bird eye chili and tomatoes

  • Tim:

    Hi. Would you guys happen to have the spray program, range of pesticides, types of infections which can affect this plant?
    Would be really helpful

  • Brendan:

    I have grown my own from simply extracting the seeds from a chilli and planting them. Everyone planted sprouted.

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